ACAC aircraft checkout policies:

  1. To checkout in all club aircraft, applicants must fly (and perform to the club CFI’s satisfaction) both aircraft models; i.e. C172N *or C172M, and C182RG.
    1. *The ACAC board has agreed that if a member is already checked out in the C172N, we will not require a checkout flight in the C172M, but it is recommended that members seeking C172M flight privileges complete the POH questionnaire for 13946. This could be reversed if the applicant checked out initially in 13946.
  2. If members have previously completed Day, Night, and IFR checkout requirements in the C172N or C172M, then it is not required that all of these (Day, Night, and IFR) be performed again in the C182RG. However, a checkout flight is required (NOTE: the AFAchecklist form specifies “For Cessna 182RG only” procedures that must be performed unique to that aircraft). For members seeking all flight privileges (Day, Night, IFR), these must be performed in one or multiple airplanes, but they need not perform all in both models.
  3. The sequence in 1 and 2 above could be reversed with no real change in procedure or policy. For example,doinitialcheckoutflightin747BF, including Day, Night, IFR. Then if the applicant wished to have C172N/M authorization, it would require at least one flight in the model.
  4. Following a club aircraft checkout by a club authorized CFI, the CFI shall insure the AFA checklist form is correctly completed, signed by the applicant and CFI, then submit the completed and signed AFA checklist form to the Club Safety Officer or Assistant Safety Officer. The SO or ASO will review the form for correctness, sign, retain a copy for Club records, and return a copy of the completed and signed form to the CFI and applicant. The SO or ASO will then enter the appropriate authorizations in FSP. Note also, that the POH Questionnaire form must be completed by applicants for all model aircraft; C172N, C172M, C182RG. The completed POH Questionnaire should be reviewed and discussed between the applicant and CFI, but the questionnaire need not be sent to the SO or ASO.

Revised & approved: 09/18/2019