Spring has sprung, fall has fell…

and so is another season. The board reminded me Thursday evening that I was supposed to be communicating on the blog. This is a skill that I fail to practice with regularity. I’ll do better in the future. Today I downloaded the WordPress app which makes blog posts easier.

So here are a few things going on.

  • We are at 99 members now.
  • Upgrade Committee recommendations were approved by the board last Thursday evening.
  • In 2020, we will add the Garmin autopilot to N747BF. Bevan-Rabell Avionics has a long wait with the ADS-B procrastinating fellow aviators. We are on their waiting list.
  • We are searching for a 5th airplane to add to the fleet. Fixed gear, Garmin 750 + Garmin avionics. We are limiting the selection to Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, and Piper brands. Not that we have anything against a Waco with a GTN-750; we are just keeping flying affordable and fun for the majority of our pilots. The committee figures that we can let another pilot put all the depreciation into the airplane, then we can buy it. So for example: If a pilot has a $25000 airplane, and puts $15000 worth of Garmin equipment in it, then flys 10 hours,;the airplane is worth about $28000. Kinda of like driving a new car off of the lot.
  • We have heaters in the oil pan on the airplanes this winter. Be sure to review cold weather operations. Contact your CFI or the members area of our website for the details.
  • Let’s keep the planes clean. Remember passengers are free labor. They are used to being mistreated when they fly commercial.
  • Boring stuff: the board is reviewing and updating our Corporate governance documents; articles of incorporation, etc. We last updated some of this stuff in 2006. We will vote on a bylaws change reflecting the updates along with the elections coming up later this year.
  • That’s about all for now.
  • Ken Rogers

    Serving as Your Flying Club President