Happy August! We have continued to have a great summer at ACAC. I am excited with how much flying everyone has been able to fit in with good weather airplanes running well. We flew over 160 Hobbs hours in July and expect to do that again in August if the weather holds up. This summer has also brought a number of new members to the club. The club continues to grow and be successful. Thank you to all of you for welcoming new members and helping us extend our love for flying deeper into the Wichita community. Because of how you treat each other, take care of the airplanes and the interactions you have with other pilots, ACAC is developing a strong reputation in the area.

Continued growth and strategic preparation for the future has been the focus of the Board this summer. We are updating our legal documents to make sure they are current with our 501c7 social club status.

Thank you ACAC members for participating in the recent survey. The Board appreciates your input. Mid-year is a good time to take a moment to review the club’s operating rules and by-laws. Please remain familiar with them, so all members are on the same page.

Also, please remember to wipe the leading edges and clean the windscreen after each flight. Let’s keep show our pride in ACAC by keeping our aircraft clean.

There are a number of events going on in the area this fall, look on our Facebook page as well as AOPA and EAA sites for opportunities to get out and fly.