An important announcement for ACAC members!

We’ve been working with the folks at PilotWorkshops, the leading and premier platform for pilot education, and have been able to secure a discount on three of their products for our members.

If you’re afraid to talk on the radios or to ATC, they have a solution.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Garmin 750s in the planes, they have a solution.

If you want to continually improve your understanding and knowledge of VFR principles and hone your decision-making skills, they have a solution.

For the month of June, our members will receive exclusive discounts on the following three products.

  • VFR Mastery – Each month, you get a challenging VFR scenario that tests your knowledge and hones your decision-making skills.
    Member Discount: First Month Free so you can give it a try.
  • Pilot-Friendly VFR Communications Manual – This simple, Pilot-Friendly Manual eliminates mic-fright and helps you learn proper communications skills quickly and easily. Includes 53 videos that show each VFR radio communication in action.
  • Pilot-Friendly GTN 750 Manual – A proven way to learn how to properly use the GTN 750. Clear, step-by-step instructions provide a task-oriented format that focuses on procedures, not “buttonology”.

These discounts END on June 30, 2019, so ACT quickly.

Check FSP for the member-only links today and SAVE, but more importantly, become a SAFER pilot!