1. AirNav.com. Airnav is a great planning tool. You can search for airports by their identifier and state. Under the Aviation Fuel tab, choose “Check local fuel prices.”

One nice tool AirNav has is their fueling planning tool. It can help you plan your fuel stops by either the shortest, fastest, or cheapest route. search for specific. browse by state. Select “plan a flight with fuel stops” under the Aviation Fuel tab. Here you can develop a route based upon the endurance of either your plane or bladder. Simply complete the form, making sure your fill in the length of the legs, and AirNav does the rest. It’s a fast and easy fuel planning tool.

  1. Foreflight. If you don’t have a ForeFlight subscription, why not? Not only does ForeFlight have a lot of the maps and charts you will need to fly, they also display fuel prices right on the map. Make a plan for a direct flight, turn on the “Fuel” overlay, and zoom in along the route to find an airport with the price you’re looking for and isn’t too far out of the way.
  2. AOPA.org. The AOPA has a great tool for discovering airports near your destination in their airport directory. You can find it under Pilot Resources. Simply type in the airport, city or even state you’re headed to, check the runway specs, amenities, and approach types you want and click search. All the airports meeting your criteria will pop up. It’s a very nice tool for planning not only your fuel stops but instrument approaches too.
  3. Aerovie. Aerovie is another EFB tool. It was recently acquired by Appareo, the makers of the Stratus. It’s available at the app store and has a lot of nice planning features. It’s vertical weather profile is a nice tool, but it also has fuel planning tools as well. Just like with ForeFlight, Aerovie has a fuel price overlay. EEA members also get a 30% discount on Aerovie’s pricing.
  4. Fltplan.com. FltPlan.com is another great resource to help you determine the current fuel prices along your route. It’s searchable database and planning features are similar to the other products outlined above.

Remember, when you’re planning your next flight, take advantage of these tools to help you control your fuels expenses.