Hello fellow aviators, this spring has proven to be a good one for flying in ACAC. The Cessna 172‘s are slated to fly 300 hours each this year, assuming flying keeps going at its current pace. The 182RG will fly 200 hours this year. Great to see so many pilots participating.
The April and May airplane wash and cookout was a lot of fun. I encourage each of you to help wipe the bugs away after each flight.
Fuel prices are creeping upwards, as they often do in the summertime. A reminder that as the price per gallon passes $5.50, The operating rules state a surcharge will be added the fuel. It has been a long time since we have experienced high fuel prices. Please don’t be alarmed with this extra item on your monthly ACAC bill.
The upgrades committee is busy looking at options to improve our Aircraft fleet while keeping applying the affordable. Expect a survey to come in your email inbox soon to gauge our members’ preferences.
Lastly with summertime approaching, remember to consider the density altitude as part of your preflight planning. Remember this for a Density Altitude rule of thumb, add 120 ft. for each degree above standard temp. This is an old FAA video (30 min) but a good one. Trust me it’s worth your time. https://youtu.be/ihee35QrWtk
One last item: Very few of us are using the auto subscription option for monthly dues. This option will allow you to save about $30 per year. I would like to see everyone use this option to keep our administrative costs low. It takes our bookkeeper about 2 hours to enter dues manually. All you have to do to participate is email Ron Kastner at treasurer@AirCapitalAviators.Club and ask to auto subscribe dues.
If you sign up for auto-subscribe dues (just means FSP bills your credit card at the beginning of the month) before June 30th, you will be entered into a drawing for 1 hour of C-172N time.
Thank you again for making ACAC the best Flying club in Wichita.
Happy skies,
Ken Rogers