Initiation Fee (Non-refundable upon application approval)

  • $1,000.00 ($500.00 due with the application and $500.00 the following  month, each of the first two months of active membership).
  • $100.00 (Family Member)

Monthly Dues

  • $95.00 per month
  • First month dues for a new member will be prorated. Dues will be charged thirty days after application approval or the first flight date, whichever is earlier.

Aircraft Rates

  • Cessna 172N…………………..$125.00 per hour (wet)
  • Cessna 172N 180HP……….$135.00 per hour (wet)
  • Cessna 172M 18……………..$135.00 per hour (wet)
  • Cessna 182K………………….$150.00 per hour (wet)
  • Cessna 182RG……………….$175.00 per hour (wet)
  • Rates are subject to fuel surcharges (determined monthly) and applicable state and local sales tax

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Pilot Operating Handbooks

  • Cessna 172/182RG market price varies …… $25.00 to $50.00
  • Rates are subject to applicable state and local sales tax
  • Contact the ACAC safety officer to order a POH

Aircraft Insurance Deductibles

  • When an aircraft is damaged, the pilot-in -command is responsible for the following deductible amounts:
  • $1000.00 in motion
  • $1000.00 not in motion
  • $5000.00 for the R182
  • That portion for the deductible assessed to the pilot-in-command will be determined by the ACAC Safety Board.
  • Insurance coverage for all aircraft includes $1,000,000.00 liability coverage.

Aircraft Defrost and Engine Pre-Heat

  • The aircraft have plug-in type pre-heaters and these should be used whenever possible.
  • The total pre-heat and defrost charges exceeding $25.00 per calendar day per member are the member’s responsibility. The original receipt for the service must be signed by the member and submitted to the Club within 63 days of the date of service.
  • Note: If available, the Club FBO will place aircraft in their heated hangar upon request.

Introductory Flight

  • $75.00 for a 30 Minute flight

Reimbursement Summary

(This summary is neither comprehensive nor official.)

  • Fuel up to the current FBO rate, pre-heat and defrosting (up to $25 per member per day), and maintenance are reimbursable (7.4.4).

  • Excess fuel cost shall be paid by the Member.

  • Maintenance in excess of $50 requires approval of a Board officer (7.9.2).

  • Away from the Club FBO, all fees, such as landing fees, tie-down fees, hangar fees, handling fees, etc., are not reimbursable (7.4.5).

  • All receipts and credit slips related to club business must be turned in within 60 days of purchase or activity date for the member to be reimbursed or credited.