We had a great party this evening. All the food was delicious. I’m contemplating that in January I must return to the gym and lose about 20 lbs.

My table turned to a discussion of Carson’s number ( https://cafe.foundation/v2/pdf_tech/MPG.engines/AIAA.1980.1847.B.H.Carson.pdf ) and best glide and stall speeds. I had to look up Carson’s number, but it is basically the 4th root of 3 times best glide aka an optimum cruise efficiency for small aircraft. Not so easy to remember. Easier to just read the POH.

We shared some pictures of the C-182P that will be undergoing a pre-buy inspection/annual soon.

At another table we talked of flying moments past, most all humorous.

Remember that the election and bylaws vote continues till Dec. 18th.

Merry Christmas to all ACAC Members,