The Board has increased the rates to the following to keep the flying club financially healthy.

Rates (eff. 1/1/2020)

o N5087K $90.00

o N5221E $90.00

o N13946$100.00

o N747BF$130.00

• Monthly Dues:

o Regular Member:$67.00

o Family Member:$35.00

o LOA:$25.00

• Initiation Fee:

o $500.00

▪ Lump sum or three installments

o Family Member:$0.00

o effective 07.01.2020 all Dues shall be paid via auto-payment via FSP

The transition to auto-payment of dues reduces our workload of processing the monthly bills by hours.

The Upgrades Committee is continuing to look for a 5th airplane.

Happy skies,

Ken Rogers