NOTE: This was supposed to go out on 1/1/2020, but was stuck in my phone. Noticed it today.

As the new year has come, let’s be sure to put some things on our to do list for 2020.

1 Make sure the aircraft is in good condition after your flight for the next pilot. Follow the secure aircraft checklist. Clean out any trash and wipe down the leading edges and windscreen.

2. Sign up for auto subscription dues, by contacting Ron Kastner at his email address: treasurer at Air Capital Aviators 

Effective 07.01.2020 all Dues will be paid via auto-payment via FSP. The transition to auto-payment of dues reduces our workload of processing the monthly bills by hours.

3. Remember the BEC Class Delta airspace to the south. It should appear on the charts on the next update cycle.


The Upgrades Committee is continuing to look for a 5th airplane. We are working on a deal with another 182 straight leg.

Happy skies,

Ken Rogers