Starting in Dec 5th the airspace at our neighbor’s airport becomes Class D. Note the landmarks when you extend your left downwind for Runway 36 at KAAO. About 40 pilots showed up last night at KICT to talk about the new airspace with the FAA and controllers. I’m attaching the presentation for your review. The local FAA were surprised when the NPRM came out. BEC operations and controllers have had many over-ict-airspace.pdf

flights unannounced and asked for this change. The original idea was for the north edge of BEC Class Delta to be 21st St. Someone along the way got their latitude and longitude numbers confused in conversion decimal degrees to minutes and seconds. That whole Base 10 vs. Base 60 math problem makes some interesting charts. I asked that the error be corrected.

For now it is what it is. A cattywampus line near 21st St.

Look for some local meetings to be held at Jabara the week after Thanksgiving. Right now it is what it is. The rule is made, so let’s make the best of it. BEC tower is 126.8 MHz. You will want to memorize it.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.