This is an email from our Safety Officer. Thank you, Brad.

Hello All,


The Wichita Airport Authority has updated the Col. James Jabara Airport Traffic Pattern, VFR Arrivals & Departures planning chart. There have been a number of changes made. The wall chart in MCA’s flight planning room will be replaced within a few days. In the meantime, I wanted to send the new chart out to you all.


Also, we’ve submitted changes to the FAA to update the Chart Supplement for AAO (aka Airport/Facility Directory). Effective January 30, 2020 the Chart Supplement will be published with the following AIRPORT REMARKSsection:


AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. Rwy 18 NSTD traffic pattern. All traffic patterns west of field. Rwy 36 designated calm wind rwy. Use caution for McConnell AFB 9 miles south and Beech Factory arpt 3 miles south. Beech Factory arpt Class D airspace begins 1 mile south of rwy 18 departure end. Beech Factory rwy 19 extended centerline only 1 mile east. Southerly and southeasterly VFR arrivals and departures not recommended without ATC radar services due to Beech Factory and McConnell AFB Class D airspace. VFR arrivals and departures are recommended to remain at or below 2,500 MSL with 5 miles due to heavy military traffic at and above 3,000 MSL. Due to 20’ rwy end elevation differential, pilots may lose line of site of other acft on opposing rwy ends. Migratory birds invof arpt. Noise sensitive areas to the south, southwest, and west. PPR for acft carrying Class 1 – Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 explosives as defined by 49 CFR 173.50 or as amended.


The primary changes we’ve made reflect the new BEC Class D airspace south of AAO, and we’ve officially designated Runway 36 as the calm wind runway.


On a final note, I have a suggestion. The Airport Authority has a page on its website titled Pilot Information (lower horizontal menu bar of home page). I suggest adding thisPilot Information link under Other Helpful Links under Member Resources of our ACAC website. This Pilot Information page contains a lot of useful information, including new chart, about both AAO and ICT, and other helpful pilot website links.



Have a Merry Christmas all!


Brad Christopher

Safety Officer


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